Published: Tue, November 06, 2018

Rebel Wilson responds to backlash over 'plus-sized' claims

Rebel Wilson responds to backlash over 'plus-sized' claims

I wish you the best, ' the 50-year-old wrote.

Wilson took notice of the comedian's fairly polite correction and tweeted back: "Hi Monique, it was never my intention to erase anyone else's achievements and I adore you and Queen Latifah so so much x I support all plus size ladies and everything positive we are doing together".

Last week, Rebel Wilson incorrectly claimed to be the first plus-sized actress to star in a rom-com, and she keeps blocking people on Twitter who point out the Black actresses who came before her.

While Wilson has yet to apologise, in another tweet to playwright Claire Willett she promised that she "will address [the argument] when promoting the film in proper forums". "I'm proud to be the first ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy".

"I want everyone to remember this when they try to strong arm any marginalised group into educating someone of privilege", Kent adds.

The Australian actress has been not-so-quietly making waves for herself as a comedic force to be reckoned with, with supporting and scene-stealing roles in the Pitch Perfect franchise, How to be Single and Bridesmaids, so her latest foray as a lead is part of a natural career trajectory. "Black women's bodies don't matter when it comes to White women like Rebel Wilson", one woman said.

As Georgia Byrd in 2006's "Last Holiday", Queen Latifah fell for LL Cool J's Sean Williams after embarking on a luxury European vacation assuming she had just weeks to live. "You're not the first one". Yeah I of course know of these movies'.

'But it was questionable as to whether: 1.

Rebel initially replied saying "there's a slight grey area" and questioned whether they were plus-sized when they filmed the movies.

Others flagged another romantic comedy, also released in 2006, distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures and named Phat Girlz, which stars plus-size actress Mo'Nique.

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