Published: Tue, November 06, 2018
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Trump, Obama tout clashing visions of USA as midterm elections near

Trump, Obama tout clashing visions of USA as midterm elections near

"In a certain way I am on the ballot", Trump told supporters during a tele-town hall organised by his re-election campaign. "'Don't worry about it, I'll just figure it out.'" Bracing for defeat, he said on a conference call with supporters Monday that he wasn't sure the election could fairly be considered a referendum on him.

Trump and Obama are the most popular figures in their parties, and their appearances on the campaign trail are created to stoke enthusiasm among core supporters in the late stages of a midterm congressional election widely seen as a referendum on Trump's first two years in the White House. Repeatedly and with no evidence, Trump has claimed that Democrats want to open the borders to violent criminals and destroy the country, while invoking the rag-tag migrant caravan still hundreds of miles miles and days away from the USA border as an invading force.

Nate Silver, the pollster who runs the website FiveThirtyEight, was cautious Sunday on ABC's "This Week" when making predictions about the House outcome, saying Democrats could add 15 seats "all the way to the low to mid-50s". "It's all fragile", he said on the call.

The polls are showing very close races for both the House and Senate heading into Tuesday's midterm elections.

Opinion polls and election forecasters have made Democrats favourites on Tuesday to pick up the 23 seats they need to capture a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, which would enable them to stymie Trump's legislative agenda and investigate his administration.

Despite some challenges he faced with the USA economy, he accomplished many great things by the time his term ended in January 2017, after securing a second term in 2012.

"His honing in on this message is going to cost us seats", said one senior House GOP campaign source. But right now, they [the Democrats] are in their mode, and we are in our mode.

Readers can refresh their browser throughout the night to pore over a main election night story that will be updated as results are announced and posted.

Governorships are not much better for Republicans, with a Democratic incumbent in Pennsylvania holding a large lead in the polls, and Republicans are struggling to hold on to governor's mansions in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, none of which offers the party better odds than a jump ball.

Polls are open from 7 8 p.m. A list of AFR stations can be found here.

"They want to impose socialism on our country".

Trump finally explained why he's ditching the economy for immigration as his hot button talking point at his bare-knuckle style rallies. Forty-five percent (45%) would vote for the Democrat.

"This is probably the most important election in the past 100 years".

They will "take away your health care".

At the same time, he has sought to distance himself from any potential blame if Republicans lose control of the House.

"It could happen", Trump said Friday about losing the House. "We have to solve problems", he said. But the fact is we know how well we're doing with the economy.

"Recent polling points towards a divided Congress, with the GOP predicted to maintain a slim majority in the Senate while the Democrats look likely to take the House".

Still, he told reporters before boarding Air Force One that "tremendous crowds" were already awaiting him in both states.

He said he's felt an extraordinary level of enthusiasm for this election among his fellow students. "They are Trumpsters. Getting that segment of the electorate out in 2016 was critical to Trump's win in 2016, and getting them out to vote in 2018 can only help Republicans", said University of New Hampshire political science professor Andrew Smith.

This outcome would be a massive victory for Donald Trump and the Republican party. He received similar applause when promoting the economy, unemployment numbers and judicial appointments.

Another wild card: the campaign's closing days came just a week after a gunman, who allegedly hated immigrants and Jews, killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!" This is where Trump is focusing his energies on the final stretch. Country singer Lee Greenwood performed Trump favorite "God Bless the USA" in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was expected to appear Monday with the president in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Fox News personality Sean Hannity and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh were also slated to be "special guests" at the final rally, according to Trump's campaign, though Hannity insisted on Twitter he would only be "covering (the) final rally for my show". He plans to spend Election Day encouraging voters to get to the polls from the White House.

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