Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Backers of Brexit funding campaign investigated for "suspected criminal offences"

Backers of Brexit funding campaign investigated for

Banks added that the money came from his United Kingdom businesses.

On Thursday it was reported that the National Crime Agency has launched a criminal investigation into Banks and a number of other individuals associated with the Leave.EU campaign.

In a series of TV interviews on Sunday, the businessman attacked what he called a "witch hunt". "We need to know if that is true".

"There was no Russian money and no interference of any type".

Bob Posner, the Commission's director of political finance, said: "We have reasonable grounds to suspect money given to Better for the Country came from impermissible sources and that Mr Banks and Ms Bilney, the responsible person for Leave.EU, knowingly concealed the true circumstances under which this money was provided".

This would have made it an "impermissible" source of money under United Kingdom electoral law.

Mr Banks told the BBC's Andrew Marr the money came from his United Kingdom businesses. 'I want to be absolutely clear about that.

"The corruption I've seen in British politics - the sewer that exists and the disgraceful behaviour of the Government over what they are doing with Brexit and how they are selling it out - means that if I had my time again I think it would have been better to have probably remained and not unleash these demons", he said.

Mr Banks revealed he will be publishing bank statements on Monday that show "no money came in from overseas foreign sources". He told the Times he had obtained a legal opinion to show that lending money via Rock Holdings was legitimate, and that he would refer to than opinion on air.

"It is just a service company".

We also speak to the MP Ian Lucas, who's on the digital, culture, media and sport committee - and ask him whether he was any the wiser as to where the pro-Brexit campaign money came from.

Banks said: "I can say that was reported to the Electoral Commission and people who did work for Eldon were transferred over on short-term contracts legally and it was reported through the Electoral Commission in the right way".

Collins rejected suggestions that the UK's departure from the European Union should be put on hold while the investigation into Banks and Leave.EU was carried out. "I'm not interested in Channel 4, I'm not interested in you, and now I'm going to lunch".

Details of how Vote Leave cheated were laid out in full today as the nation comes to grips with the news that one of the campaign's leading donors is to be investigated by the National Crime Agency.

"The whole point of this exercise is to have a reason to try to delay Brexit", he said.

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