Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Election Day to test Democratic resistance in Trump era

Election Day to test Democratic resistance in Trump era

Midterm elections are typically hard for the party in power, and GOP incumbents had been on defense in races across the country as control of the House turned into a signature contest of the season.

"The vast majority of women voters are angry, frustrated and they are really done with seeing where the Republican Party is taking them, particularly as it related to heath care and civility", said Stephanie Schriock, who leads EMILY's List, a group that help elect Democratic women.

To win a majority, the Democrats need to flip 24 Republicans seats and hold onto the 194 seats they already hold.

Max Rose is running for Congress.

"The midterm history is pretty stark in that the president's party usually loses ground in the midterms and it is usually a question of how much ground they lose", said University of Virginia analyst Kyle Kondik. "I want a free trade environment where we actually cannot only have good relationships tradewise with our friends but stand up to China", Scalise said.

Democrats appear hopeful that Trump's histrionics and harsh tongue will convince their voters to come out and vote in large numbers this time and ensure a victory for their candidates to control both houses. "We overcame the Democrats' smear campaign and confirmed the newest member of the United States Supreme Court", he said.

Editor's note: Men like Trump is a series of dispatches that tell of how a reckless president is steering the White House, and the manner in which his actions are fundamentally altering the office he holds.

"The House has been a rubber stamp for the Trump agenda".

The president's current job approval, set at 40 per cent by Gallup, was the lowest at this point of any first-term president in the modern era.

But two years after an election that proved polls and prognosticators wrong, an air of uncertainty - and stormy weather across parts of the country - clouded the outcome of high-stakes elections from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between.

America's midterm elections are just hours away, and the media is saturated with analysis of what they will mean for Donald Trump. It was a deliberate strategy to expand the playing field to about 80 districts, stretching beyond college-educated voters in the suburbs into regions where the party has seen its fortunes fade. Senate Republicans can continue to confirm judges at record rates. Instead of allowing the constituency to retain a natural mix, the ruling party (say Republicans) redraws the constituency map to pack most Democrats into one constituency, so that they can win the other four constituencies.

Republicans still had advantages in some areas, giving them hope of retaining a slim majority. They will have detailed and serious opinions about the findings of these pseudo-prosecutorial spectacles, just as Republicans did with Benghazi and whatever else Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy were talking about for roughly the entirety of Barack Obama's second term. Let's see what happens, ' Trump said.

What time do polls close? .

Enten warns: "Make no mistake though, the House race is still close enough that Republicans could win". She was expected to lose to political newcomer Jennifer Wexton. There are nearly two dozen House races to watch in this hour across more than a dozen states. The other, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, is retiring (and a third represents Puerto Rico but does not a vote). Trump's closing argument has largely focused on fear - warning that a Democratic takeover would throw the country into chaos, spurring an influx of illegal immigration and a wave of crime.

As Election Day neared, it became increasingly clear what the final messages were from Republicans and Democrats.

Democrats outraised Republicans in every quarter in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections. Other seats in the state were also considered in play. Harris was facing a stiff challenge from Marine veteran and small-businessman Dan McCready.

Republicans had expected the GOP tax plan would be the cornerstone of their election agenda this year, but it became a potential liability in key states along the East and West coasts where residents could face higher tax bills because of limits on property and sales tax deductions. In governors' races, Democrats have surprising opportunities in open seat contests in Kansas and South Dakota.

Of the 35 seats up for grabs, 26 are held by Democrats and nine by Republicans.

About a half-hour later, he gave GOP Rep. Peter King a shout-out.

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