Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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FA appeals against decision to clear José Mourinho over touchline language

FA appeals against decision to clear José Mourinho over touchline language

Jose Mourinho is still facing a touchline ban - after the FA launched an appeal against his unproven misconduct charge.

The FA is to appeal an independent regulatory commission's decision to clear Jose Mourinho of improper conduct.

An independent regulatory commission found the case "not proven" but in a written decision published on Wednesday, the FA chose to appeal, with Mourinho facing the prospect of a touchline ban if he is found guilty.

The charge was vigorously contested.

Now, however, the FA has chose to prolong the case with an appeal.

The written reasons show that the FA instructed Pedro Xavier, an expert in the translation and interpretation of lip reading of colloquial Portuguese language, to provide his opinion on Mourinho's touchline utterances.

The commission revealed they took into account the scrutiny Mourinho was under at the time with the result against Newcastle coming on the back of four matches without a win and intense speculation in the media the 55-year-old was on the verge of being sacked.

Xavier stated Mourinho used the phrase "vos sois uns filhos da puta" twice, which literally translate as "sons of a w****".

The Commission ruled against the FA, deciding that the context of the comment was important, and that the FA expert had failed to prove that the words Mourinho used were in themselves were abusive, insulting or improper.

However, the Portuguese manager is expected to take his seat on the touchline for Sunday's derby with Premier League champions and leaders Manchester City as the appeal hearing will not take place before the worldwide break.

In reply to the charge, Mourinho produced his own expert report from Simao Valente, an Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon and "an expert in the Portuguese language, including colloquialisms".

A lip reader was used by the FA to try to interpret what Mourinho said as he made his way towards the tunnel, with the Portuguese's remarks subsequently deemed as offensive.

An independent commission found an FA charge of misconduct against the Manchester United boss Mourinho not proven in a landmark ruling. "His words were inaudible", the Commission explains, going on to add: "we accept Mr Valente's evidence that a typical person fluent in Portuguese colloquialisms would not feel insulted or offended from what they saw or interpreted from the footage, rather would understand JM to be very happy about something good that had just happened to him against all odds".

"Mourinho is sure to be asked about the FA's appeal after United face Juventus in the Champions League on Wednesday evening".

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