Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Ingress Re-Launches as Ingress Prime with Improved Features

Ingress Re-Launches as Ingress Prime with Improved Features

While this would be fine if the game had been made better, according to numerous game's fans, the sci-fi massively multiplayer title is now demonstrably worse. Before the company shot to fame with its recent mobile sensation, it was focused on its own augmented reality game Ingress. Before that it was mostly proof of concept games and stuff like that. It ...

The original Ingress was launched in 2012 and took players on a real-world object hunt.

Ingress Prime pushes the rival teams to control "Portals" that continuously generate "Exotic Matter".

Pokemon Go will feature a celebratory in-game event where shiny green Cubone and blue Ponyta will be available in the game. To celebrate this release, Niantic has added items into Pokémon Go's Style Store.

That's what Ingress Prime aims to change.

Niantic has plans to hold 12 "Anomaly" events across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, where players will come together at specific locations to do battle and influence the next chapter of the Ingress Prime story. Once players hit the level cap in Ingress Prime, they can now roll back to level one and gain unspecified "unique benefits" - with their prestige status also reflected to other players.

No release date for the Pokemon GO event was shared, but we expect it to start soon.

Returning Ingress players will feel right at home, but for many of you, this will be your first foray into an Ingress game. The Dunraven Project live action series will replace the Ingress Report and a new Netflix anime based on Ingress Prime will launch in the future.

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