Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Mobile Us Inc (TMUS), Qualcomm Backing US launch of Chinese Smartphone

Mobile Us Inc (TMUS), Qualcomm Backing US launch of Chinese Smartphone

Once again promising to Never Settle, the device is the first from the firm to be offered by a carrier in the United States. In August renders of the OnePlus 6T were out and buzzing, Now the phone is out and is very much alike the floated renders. OnePlus too had made a big deal about how they would keep the headphone jack on the OnePlus 6. The first stark difference between the two phones is that the Fingerprint sensor will be an inscreen one in the 6T where as it is placed on the back below the cameras on the 6.

The USP of the smartphone is the inclusion of an Under-display fingerprint sensor, something that OnePlus claims are the fastest in the industry and on what they've been working on since the OnePlus 5T, though I highly doubt that claim.

The new display has a screen to body ratio of about 86% which is an improvement over the 83.8% screen to body ratio that OnePlus 6 has to offer. It still has a FHD+ resolution, but thankfully, the display notch has been reduced to a minuscule "teardrop" cutout. Not to mention the specs and in-display fingerprint scanner will be able to rival most new phones in early 2019. It has a 16MP+20MP dual-rear camera, with an aperture rate of f/1.7 and also features Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). There's also a new night mode, which works differently from other phones that can take up to five seconds to capture a photo. There's also a new Studio Lighting feature, developed in collaboration with photographer Kevin Abosch, which aims to produce more flattering portraits. The OnePlus 6T boasts a Snapdragon 845 processor paired with up to 8GB of RAM, and there's up to 256GB of built-in storage. That means that it supports 1.2Gbps 4G LTE connectivity with the Snapdragon X20 modem, although markets that actually support those speeds are few and far between.

During the presentation, the company stated that it put more on the "focus" and the "pursuit of perfection" when it comes to its own Smartphones. This is a feature that's created to make apps start up faster, by storing data from frequently used apps in the phone's RAM. There's also a bigger 3,700mAh battery under the hood, 20 per cent larger than the 3,300mAh battery inside the OnePlus 6.

You can get it on the OnePlus 6 simply by installing the latest version of the OnePlus Launcher taken from the OnePlus 6T.

T-Mobile will carry the new OnePlus 6T, the first time a phone from the popular Chinese manufacturer has been offered by a US wireless provider.

For an iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB of storage, OnePlus is offering customers up to £160. A price bump after every new release of a OnePlus flagship is inevitable, and this time's no different.

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