Published: Wed, November 07, 2018

Rihanna doesn't want Donald Trump playing her music at his 'tragic rallies'

Rihanna doesn't want Donald Trump playing her music at his 'tragic rallies'

Rose and Rihanna may be the latest to voice their opposition, but they're far from the only musicians that have asked the United States president to stop playing their tunes. Rihanna, one of the artists that Trump seems to think would be cool with having her music played at his rallies, weighed in when she discovered what was going on.

Rihanna's tweet, responding to a Washington Post reporter's amusement about hearing her song at a Trump rally, suggested that she, too, wanted the music to stop.

Earlier on Sunday, the singer endorsed Democrat Andrew Gillum in Florida's governor's race with social media posts. Pharrell recently took similar action after he learned that Trump played his song, "Happy", at a rally following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Axl Rose isn't alone in his fight to try and stop Trump from using his music.

"The US has only had four black Governors in its entire history, and we can help make #AndrewGillum the next one and Florida's first!" she wrote.

Alex Rose, frontman for rock band Guns N' Roses, claimed the Trump campaign is using their music without permission due to legal "loopholes".

"Trump's unauthorized use of Ms. Fenty's music... creates a false impression that Ms. Fenty is affiliated with, connected to or otherwise associated with Trump", the cease-and-desist letter continued.

"Although a BMI spokesperson stated that doing so "would not be appropriate, ' the use of a song as random backdrop music as opposed to a campaign's 'theme music" may alter the analysis", he wrote. My music is for causes, not for political campaigns or rallies.

Her lawyer, Jordan Siev, followed up on Tuesday with a "cease and desist" letter to the White House.

The fiery demand was made via Rihanna's official Twitter account.

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