Published: Thu, November 08, 2018

Demi Lovato Splitting Time Between a Halfway House and L.A

Demi Lovato Splitting Time Between a Halfway House and L.A

The singer was spotted for the first time since the suspected overdose earlier in the week and has now broken her social media silence with her first snap on Instagram. Lovato's sobriety continued to deteriorate and the 26-year-old overdosed in July, spending ten days in the hospital before moving to a rehab facility and completing a 90-day treatment program.

6, 2018, the "Skyscraper" hitmaker took to Instagram for the first time since entering rehab over the summer, and used the opportunity to encourage her fans to do their civic duty during the midterm elections. "You have to spend time in once place or another, all that time packing bags three days a week here, and three days a week there", the talk show host explained.

The two were photographed by the paparazzi holding hands during dinner but Williams is not so sure they are dating. He is not the one for Demi, ' she said of Levy, noting that he doesn't seem like her type.

"A source added: "[She] has dedicated herself to her sober life and has surrounded herself with people in her programme.

He comes from a family that can buy or sell Demi Lovato over and over again. Their money's long and strong, they are up to something, the family. Levy, a clothing designer who founded the label, Enfants Riches Deprimes, is also Demi's "sober coach", according to reports. "I wonder, based on this picture, are you really sober?", she questioned.

"I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction", she wrote.

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