Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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Nationals want to re-sign star Bryce Harper

Nationals want to re-sign star Bryce Harper

The Nationals reportedly made a "monster" multiyear offer to outfielder Bryce Harper on September 26, which was the same day as Washington's final home game.

Those are led by Bryce Harper, who, along with Manny Machado, gives this free-agent class a rarity: not one, but two 26-year-old elite sluggers. Harper remains the big fish many Major League Baseball teams are hoping to get their hands on before the 2019 season. Giancarlo Stanton signed a 13-year, $325 million deal with the Marlins, but now has $270 million remaining over the next 10 years following his trade to the Yankees.

While Harper could be exploring other options, it's still possible he might return to the Nationals.

Indeed, the Nationals need starting pitching, a catcher and to upgrade their bench.

While Harper rejected the Nationals' initial offer, he can still choose to re-sign with the team.

Don't dismiss this news as Harper out-and-out rejecting the Nationals. It will cost them roughly $US13 million.

"I'm comfortable with the alternative (to Harper re-signing)", Rizzo added. "But I'm uncomfortable with the statement that we're a better team without him". According to reports, the Nats' offer is now off the table, but the team is still open to a deal.

Given Harper's history with the Nationals, he seems unlikely to make a deal elsewhere without first circling back.

Thought the offer was $100 million short, there were no hard feelings between Harper and the team.

Boras did not counter, but word is the Nationals would go higher for a reasonable offer - though how much higher remains to be seen.

No position player has ever received a deal worth more than $27.5 million average annual value. Zack Greinke ($34 million), David Price ($31 million) and Clayton Kershaw ($31 million) all got more. Max Scherzer got exactly $US30 million. It was not enough.

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