Published: Thu, November 08, 2018

NT police search for missing boy after three found dead near vehicle

NT police search for missing boy after three found dead near vehicle

The body of a child has been found following an extensive land and air search in a remote part of Central Australia.

A desperate search is under way to find a missing 12-year-old boy after three people he was possibly in a vehicle with were found dead in central Australia.

The child's body was found 120 metres from the three other people found dead on Jarra Jarra Road.

However, the remains have not been formally identified.

Police said the child's body was located 120 metres away from a family of three who were found dead yesterday near an abandoned vehicle on the outskirts of the community of Willowra, 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs.

Initially located were a 19-year-old man, a 19-year-old woman and a three-year-old boy, described as a young family.

Police were alerted to the deaths after a man raised the alarm at the Willowra Health Clinic just before 12.30pm on Wednesday. Authorities initially thought the passengers had died in a auto crash but they now suspect the family died of exposure.

At a press conference on Thursday morning, Investigators revealed that a major land and air search is now underway for another child who they believe may have also been in the vehicle.

It is believed a 12-year-old boy was also a passenger in the vehicle but he has not been found.

"At this point, we hold grave concerns for the welfare of this child", superintendent Jody Nobbs told reporters Thursday.

"One of the avenues of inquiry that we're looking at is if people walked away from a broken down vehicle and may have suffered as result of that", duty superintendent Sean GIll told the NT News.

The missing child's name has not been released, but the neighbouring communities have been made aware of who he is so they can help in the search.

Nobbs said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths.

The region of Willowra in the Northern Territory.

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