Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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Volkswagen Tarok small pickup expands for longer cargo

Volkswagen Tarok small pickup expands for longer cargo

The Volkswagen Tarok pickup shares its exterior panels and interior bits with the India-bound T-Cross SUV that was revealed recently.

The Tarok will be built on VW's modular MQB platform.

Volkswagen is pumping up its high-riding portfolio with no less than 19 planned by 2025.

Volkswagen unveiled the Tarok Concept at the São Paulo International Motor Show and it says that the "all-wheel drive all-rounder combines the progressive features of the latest generation of digitally networked SUVs with the versatility of a cleverly designed five-metre pick-up".

The striking feature of the Tarok Concept is its variable loading area concept. The fascia carries typical Volkswagen concept elements akin to the one seen on the Amarok Concept. VW has already said that a production version of this concept will launch in Brazil "soon" with "barely any changes" from the concept vehicle.

Instead, those rear seats fold flat, with no bulkhead between their back cushions and the load bay, stretching your carrying capacity right out when you stow them away, while keeping the cabin waterproof when you flip them back up. The suck-squeeze-bang-blow is sent to all four wheels by a six-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter.

The four-cylinder turbo is good for 150 horsepower, and being developed for the Brazilian market, the Tarok also runs on pure ethanol (E100) and gasoline-ethanol blend (E22).

Don't expect low-range gearing or a lockable rear-axle on the production version, but do expect additional engines, with VW's engineers confirming that Tarok will also offer a 2-litre turbodiesel, boosting 110kW.

Unfortunately, the trick trucklet will only be available in Brazil and other global markets where small pickups are popular and VW tells Fox News Autos that it's not destined for the US, but something more 'Murican-size might be.

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