Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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5 ways the Mass Effect franchise should continue as a video game

5 ways the Mass Effect franchise should continue as a video game

The Mass Effect franchise is now in a state of suspended animation following the lackluster showing by the series' fourth game, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Today is November the 7th, otherwise known as N7 Day among Mass Effect fans where they celebrate the Mass Effect franchise and Bioware releases some new information on the sci-fi universe that started in 2007.

But BioWare shouldn't wait long for the next installment given all the possibilities the Mass Effect universe contains.

For this year's N7 Day, Bioware is also releasing an Xbox One X patch for "Mass Effect: Andromeda". It's unclear what this means, but it could point towards Mass Effect 4, and not a spin-off like Mass Effect: Andromeda. I'm a sucker for anything Mass Effect (give it a few years and I'll be an Andromeda apologist) so this automatically makes me significantly more excited for Anthem.

Following the dent in its reputation caused by Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare hasn't confirmed whether further iterations of the franchise are in the pipeline. Andromeda has finally been upgraded with support for Xbox One X. Would BioWare maintain the course set by the fourth game, which spins off from the original trilogy and takes place in a whole new galaxy, or would that game's rough reception lead to a whole new course?

This isn't the first time N7 has been referenced in Anthem.

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