Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Conjoined twin girls successfully separated after six-hour surgery

Conjoined twin girls successfully separated after six-hour surgery

The girls were known to share a liver which would complicate the surgery.

Australian surgeons on Friday (Nov 9) successfully separated 15-month-old Bhutanese twins, Nima and Dawa, who had been joined at the torso.

'We saw two young girls who were very ready for their surgery, who were able to cope very well with the surgery and are now in our recovery doing very well, ' Dr Crameri said.

The girls are likely to spend at least a week in hospital before continuing their recovery at the Children First Foundation retreat in Kilmore, where they were cared for in the lead up to the operation.

"The positioning makes it hard for surgeons Joe Crameri, Tom Clarnette and Michael Nightingale, who are charged with separating the gilrs' shared liver, crossed over bowels and any other internal organs", it states.

Mr Crameri said there was no significant bowel attachments that complicated the procedure and the main challenge was to reconstruct the infants' abdomens.

He said: "There will be challenges over the next 24 to 48 hours as with any surgery".

In 2009, doctors at RCHM successfully separated conjoined Bangladeshi twins, Trishna and Krishna in a 25-hour surgery.

The paediatrician confirmed the twins were in recovery and that their breathing tubes had been removed but where they will go next will depend on their progress.

They headed into the theatre at 8am on Friday, with doctors administering the anaesthestic about 8.45am.

But Bhumchu Zangmo has been through 14 months of anxiety after her twin daughters, Nima and Dawa, were born joined together at the torso.

She spent Friday praying and meditating. "She tends to. always be on the top, pulling rank, as we say, and Dawa's more placid", she said.

"She still has this extraordinary calmness about her, which is just wonderful".

Preliminary scans and tests had prepared the surgical team, which managed to carry out the entire operation in about six hours.

The girls, who were joined from the lower chest to just above the pelvis, arrived in Australia with their mother Bhumchu Zangmo about a month ago.

Sherub first met the girls when they were only a day old and played a major role in getting the twins to Australia, having already spent time in the country as the victor of a medical scholarship.

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