Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Getting a flu shot in Mississauga and Brampton has never been easier

Getting a flu shot in Mississauga and Brampton has never been easier

Smith, who also noticed last year's flu season was more severe, wanted to stress some of the myths that surround the vaccine as well.

Those with egg allergies likely can get a flu shot.

"There was lots of information available online about flu vaccination".

For most children, the flu vaccine is not usually an injection, just a quick and easy nasal spray.

"It's a dead virus", said Stiles, "it does not cause the flu. He had no side effects and I felt better knowing that he was protected especially when I heard stories of people I know getting the flu, feeling really unwell and ending up in hospital over the Christmas period". Hemagglutinins are shaped a bit like a lollypop - they have a globe-like head attached to a stalk. In Shanghai, meanwhile, some community health centers say they have yet to receive a single batch of vaccines.

Joseph Marotta died from the flu after becoming infected with a strain that the vaccination didn't protect against at the time. However, anytime during the flu season would be ok. The vaccine is safe and effective.

"Viruses tend to mutate and change quite rapidly, so every season the vaccine changes to adapt to the new type of virus that might be circulating".

You can have your flu jab at your GP surgery or local pharmacy and for those who are most at risk of suffering serious consequences if they catch the flu, the vaccination is free - it‟s free because you need it. Manufacturers should stop using chicken eggs and instead prepare vaccines by growing virus in "cultured cells" - cells that have been removed from animals and are grown under controlled conditions.

The manufacturer then proceeds to do more testing and produces a pure and flawless vaccine.

Serese Marotta, FFF's chief operating officer, lost her son Joseph, then 5 years old, to flu nine years ago.

However, the holy grail of flu vaccines would be a "universal" vaccine that recognizes all strains, including newly-arising ones. After learning this I decided that getting the vaccine offers the best protection against flu.

In spite of the importance of research on universal vaccines and the variety of approaches, there is surprisingly meager federal research funding in this area.

Share the reasons why the influenza vaccine is right for the patient. They collect data in regards to the surveillance of the viruses, laboratory and clinicals studies and their availability of vaccine viruses.

Need to get your flu vaccine?

Within the population, a vaccine's effectiveness varies widely because it is affected by the general health and age of the recipient.

Staying home if you or your child are sick.

McKinstry is examining how the immune system responds. According to data from China's National Health Commission, in February there were 139,738 flu cases, 50 of which proved fatal. The development of a universal vaccine is more challenging but it promises much greater results, and deserves more support.

The 2017-2018 flu season was high in severity. As we've discussed, flu vaccines fight certain strains of the flu that are expected to be particularly virulent.

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