Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Google Search Console to Notify Site Owners of Unclear Subscription Pages

Google Search Console to Notify Site Owners of Unclear Subscription Pages

Google will notify webmasters when their sites are falling short of its standards so they can fix up their site and make charges clear, but until they comply with best practices, they will have to live with Google treating them as a potentially malicious site.

It's going to become important for site owners to be aware of unclear billing pages when the new version of Chrome releases next month. To provide more security, the next Google Chrome update is focused on tackling these sites with shady subscription services. "Users will be offered the choice to proceed to the page or go back if they were unaware that they were entering a billing page", states the blog post.

With Chrome 71, Google looks to show a warning before these pages, so that users can make informed decisions when signing up to mobile based subscription services.

Billing information should be visible and obvious to users: The charges shouldn't be hidden or displayed in an inexplicably small font.

Make sure that the fee structure is clearly understandable: The page should include breakdown and the frequency of charges (daily, monthly, weekly). According to this blog post, starting from December 2018, Chrome 71 will show a warning before these pages. For example, a gaming website that asks users for their phone details, and the next month's phone bill arrives with subscription charges to the online gaming service that they didn't really subscribe to.

Before accepting terms and conditions, can these users see the full costs? Of course, the internet users can turn the filtering off but a majority of them are likely to leave their settings on default causing Google to flag a huge number of ads and affecting the website's revenue.

Site owners can use the Abusive Experiences Report in their Google Search Console to see if their site contains any of these abusive experiences they need to correct or remove.

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