Published: Sat, November 10, 2018

Iceland's Christmas advert banned, orangutans terrorized for palm oil

Iceland's Christmas advert banned, orangutans terrorized for palm oil

The film, titled "Rang-tan", promotes Iceland's range of palm oil-free festive foods, announced last month as an extension to its high-profile pledge to remove palm oil from all its own label brands by the end of April 2019.

Iceland's emotional Christmas advertisement featuring a cartoon orang-utan has been banned from television for being "too political" - a vetting body says it can not clear the Greenpeace-made film which highlights the plight of the orang-utan because it breaches guidelines.

"Clearcast and the broadcasters have to date been unable to clear this because we are concerned that it doesn't comply with the political rules of the BCAP [the Broadcast Code for Advertising Practice]", a spokeswoman for Clearcast, the regulator responsible for vetting adverts before they are broadcast, said.

Just think about the hype around John Lewis - people actually sob at that shit.

Iceland's Christmas campaign has been banned from TV because it has been deemed to breach political advertising rules.

But we want to share our "No Palm Oil" story with you this Christmas.

Iceland raising awareness of palm oil consumption.

A British supermarket chain said on Friday their Christmas advert has been banned for being too political because it shows palm oil manufacturers terrorizing orangutans.

"Throughout 2018 we have led the retail industry to take action in areas such as rainforest destruction for palm oil and plastic pollution of our oceans", said managing director Richard Walker.

The colours fade to black and white and show bulldozers flattening trees and chasing Rang-Tan and her mother.

Despite it being blocked from airing on TV there is nothing to stop the ad being shared online and it has already gone viral on social media.

Greenpeace made the film, with a voice over by Emma Thompson, and gave permission to Iceland to use it as its Christmas ad.

"You won't see our Christmas advert on TV this year, because it was banned". "Our commitment to help protect the home of orangutans remains extremely close to our hearts".

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