Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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It's never too early to get the flu shot

It's never too early to get the flu shot

Kevin Legge, a U-I pathology professor, says they're working in stages and are trying to ideal a multi-year flu shot first.

Flu vaccinations are free and can be obtained at various Public Health flu clinics, local doctor offices and a number of participating pharmacies throughout the region.

- As flu season heats up, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging Americans 6 months and older to get vaccinated.

"The biggest takeaway here is that people who already have heart disease and may be susceptible to heart failure should definitely be vaccinated because influenza is, for the most part, preventable with vaccination", she said.

By this time past year, ADHS had counted 259 cases in Arizona, which ballooned to more than 35,570 for the season, with 1,178 deaths due to flu or pneumonia.

Like millions of other Americans, JoJo O'Neal chose not to get the flu vaccine past year. "Plus you are limited to what vaccine is offered: standard and high-dose and it is only 20-30 percent effective and yet some people still choose it". So far, he says the vaccine was able to protect mice from multiple strains of flu.

Avoid people who appear sick.

Masjid-e-Ali at 47 Cedar Grove Lane will be providing the public with free flu shots, November 10 from 10:30 2 p.m. They hadn't received a flu vaccination, according to the state's department of health. Flu shots are available at no cost with no co-pay through most healthcare providers and public health insurances.

The monitoring is done by the CDC'S U.S. Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Network, and similar studies are conducted in the United Kingdom, Canada and Finland, explains Dr. Chris Ambrose, franchise head with U.S. Medical Affairs, respiratory division at AstraZeneca, the maker of the FluMist Quadrivalent.

It's not worth experiencing, if you can prevent it with the flu shot. Most people who get influenza recover after a few days, but some people may develop serious complications. Washing your hands frequently, containing your coughs and sneezes when in public and avoiding crowds during flu peak season are all good suggestions.

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