Published: Sat, November 10, 2018

Jordan opens shelter as flash flood death toll climbs to 12

Jordan opens shelter as flash flood death toll climbs to 12

Government spokeswoman Jumana Ghuneimat said two dozen people were injured and dozens more evacuated as homes were flooded in several locations.

Friday's flash floods, caused by heavy rain, came two weeks after flash floods near the Dead Sea killed 21 people, majority children.

Two women and a girl died in severe floods in Dabaa, and another girl died in Madaba.

Flash floods in Jordan have killed at least seven people and forced the evacuation of almost 4,000 tourists from the ancient city of Petra.

Among those confirmed dead after torrential rains swept the south of the kingdom were six people found in the Madaba area southwest of the capital Amman.

Authorities said Friday search was ongoing for several missing persons in Madaba governorate.

Friday's floods came two weeks after 21 people, including middle school students, were killed in flash floods near the Dead Sea.

It also said that it has dispatched troops and armored vehicles from its base in the southern town of Al Jafr to assist residents who were trapped by floods in nearby areas.

Hundreds of Petra visitors ran for higher ground on Friday as water surged through a narrow canyon leading to the Treasury, Petra's main attraction.

Floodwaters in Petra and in some parts of the nearby Wadi Mussa desert had risen to nearly four metres high and innudated the main roads, Jordan's state television reported.

Authorities banned all tourist trips and declared a state of emergency in the Red Sea port city of Aqaba further south as downpours continued for a few hours before subsiding overnight.

It broadcast footage showing people standing on both sides of the main road in Petra and along the desert highway trying to stay clear of the floods.

Separately, Israel's public radio said contact had been lost with three Israeli tourists in southern Jordan.

Jordan's education and tourism ministers both resigned last week over failings in the government's response to those floods.

Jordan's ministry of education announced that schools across the country would be closed on Sunday.

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