Published: Sat, November 10, 2018

Saudi officials, others heard tapes of Khashoggi's death: Erdogan

Saudi officials, others heard tapes of Khashoggi's death: Erdogan

Erdogan's comments on Saturday were the first public confirmation of the existence of recordings of the October 2 killing of The Washington Post columnist at the consulate where he had gone to get papers to marry his fiancee.

"We gave the recordings, we gave them to Saudi Arabia, we gave them to Washington, to the Germans, to the French, to the English".

"They listened to the conversations which took place here, they know", he said. In a report published on October 31, the Guardian cited a source close to the Saudi government as saying that the UK-based channel receives about 250-million dollars from the Saudi royal court each year. "The murderers are surely among this 15 or 18, there's no need to look elsewhere".

Saudi Arabia had initially denied that Khashoggi was killed inside the building, initially insisting that he left it.

Congressman Brad Sherman's bill, titled "No Nuclear Weapons for Saudi Arabia Act of 2018", would not only prohibit the kingdom's construction of nuclear weapons from the material it buys from the U.S., it would also force Saudi Arabia to uphold a number of strict regulations to ensure that classified material regarding USA nuclear technology does not get leaked.

The bill would come as a huge blow for Saudi who just last Monday launched a project to build the country's first nuclear research reactor.

Erdoğan also called on Saudi officials to do their part to reveal the unanswered parts of the dissident journalist's murder.

Last week, Turkish prosecutors announced preliminary findings that said Khashoggi was strangled to death in a premeditated killing soon after he entered the consulate. Within days of the mysterious disappearance Turkish officials had made anonymous leaks to the media about the killing of the journalist, a harsh critic of Saudi Crown Prince MBS.

Erdogan said he might meet with US President Donald Trump in Paris during the commemorations.

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