Published: Sun, November 11, 2018

Flash floods kill twelve in Jordan, IDF rescues missing Israelis

Flash floods kill twelve in Jordan, IDF rescues missing Israelis

She said more heavy rain was expected on Saturday and residents in affected areas were being urged to evacuate their homes.

The Jordanian government also evacuated 90% of valleys inhabitants in the governorate of Mafraq and sent planes, boats, and soldiers to help in the search operations for missing residents.

Jordan's state news agency Petra quoted government spokeswoman Jumana Ghunaimat as saying that evacuations will be carried out in coordination with the local councils of municipalities and provinces, directors of public works and public security, and the civil defense.

But after being in contact with Jordanian authorities, a later update by a spokesman for the foreign ministry said that "all the Israelis in Jordan have contacted us".

Wadi Rum, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, has attracted generations of tourists with its spectacular sandstone and granite rock formations.

The latest deaths come after October 25 flash floods in the Dead Sea region of the kingdom killed 21 people, a lot of them children on a school trip.

Jordan's education and tourism ministers both resigned last week over failings in the government's response to those floods.

In Petra, the ancient trade hub carved into rose-hued rocks, heavy rains began at around 1 p.m. Friday and last for about 40 minutes, said Rafael Dorado, 41, a tourist from Spain. Delgado said he was observing from a hilltop temple in the area, but saw other visitors scrambling to higher ground. He said some visitors were later evacuated by trucks and others made their way out on foot.

Suleiman Farajat, the chief administrator in Petra, said the site would remain closed Saturday, but would likely reopen Sunday.

Roya's reporter in Petra said that the Madaba-Theeban road is now closed due to the high water levels in the area and the flooding due to the heavy rainfall in Madaba.

"It's really, I wouldn't say scary, but surprising how huge the flood was", he said.

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