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Two pilots report UFO's in sky over Ireland

Two pilots report UFO's in sky over Ireland

According to the Irish Post, there have been 12 reported incidents involving unidentified flying objects in the past 20 years.

Airlive says a third pilot also saw the freaky lights and that the Irish Aviation Authority has filed a report with the sightings due to be "investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process".

At that point another pilot cuts in, saying his Virgin Airlines 747 also had encountered multiple meteors or some other sort of objects "making some kind of reentry".

On the morning of 9 November the pilot of British Airways flight BA94 from Montreal called air traffic control in Shannon to report seeing an object moving past her aircraft, and asked if there were any military exercises taking place off the west coast of Ireland.

At least three pilots assert that they saw the same brightly-lit object disappearing into thin air in a matter of seconds, even as authorities claim that no military training was underway at the time in the area.

The pilot explained: "OK".

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She was left confused as to what it could be as it did not seem to be on a collision course with another object, ruling out the chance of it being a missile or air-bound weapon.

The pilot said the "very bright light" was "flying so fast" alongside the left-hand side of the aircraft before it "disappeared at very high speed".

To the surprise of ATC, a third pilot called in to report the same sighting, adding: "I'm glad it wasn't just me".

Mach 2 is 2,500 kph - twice the speed of sound.

A UFO investigation is under way in Ireland after pilots flying BA and Virgin Airlines jets reported seeing mysterious bright lights as they crossed the country.

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