Published: Wed, November 14, 2018

'Call of Duty' Swatter Pleads Guilty to 51 Charges Following Fatal "Prank"

'Call of Duty' Swatter Pleads Guilty to 51 Charges Following Fatal

In the Kansas case, Barriss admitted making hoax calls that resulted in Wichita police surrounding an old house at 1033 W. McCormick.

Barriss did so by claiming that he lived at the property, had shot his father in the head and was holding other family members hostage. Barriss also admitted Tuesday that he called in hoax bomb threat to the Federal Communications Commission's headquarters on the day it voted to repeal net neutrality.

"Without ever stepping foot in Wichita, the defendant created a chaotic situation that quickly turned from risky to deadly", McAllister said.

As to why Barriss made the call, the APreports that it stemmed from an argument with Shane Gaskill, 20, of Wichita and Casey Viner, 18, of North College Hill, Ohio, while playing Call of Duty, an online multiplayer video game. "His reasons were trivial and his disregard for the safety of other people was staggering". As he stepped onto the porch, police told him to put up his hands. Authorities say Viner then asked Barriss of Los Angeles to "swat" Gaskill at an address that Gaskill had previously provided him.

The other two gamers involved in the affair - Casey Viner, 18, from OH, and Shane Gaskill, 20, from Wichita - deny the charges against them and are awaiting trial. When Gaskill noticed Barriss was following him on Twitter, he began communicating with Barriss through direct messages in which he also gave him that same old address and dared him to swat him.

A police officer responding to the call fatally shot the new resident Andrew Finch, 28, after he opened the door. "In fact, Gaskill no longer lived there". He called from Los Angeles to emergency numbers in Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, Utah, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, New York, Michigan, Florida and Canada.

A California-based gamer faces up to 20 years in jail after admitting crimes including making a hoax call to USA police that resulted in them shooting an innocent man dead.

The plea deal still has to be accepted by a judge: Sentencing is set to take place on January 30.

As part of his plea agreement, he has agreed to contribute towards the victim Andrew Finch's funeral costs and to be supervised for five years after his release from prison, according to local newspaper the Wichita Eagle. He was indicted in Kansas for conspiracy to make a false call, cyberstalking and other crimes.

Tyler Barriss, 25, claimed that Andrew Finch had killed his own father and was holding family members hostage in Wichita, Kansas previous year.

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