Published: Thu, November 15, 2018
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Denied more wine, drunk Irish woman abuses Air India crew

Denied more wine, drunk Irish woman abuses Air India crew

An Irish woman verbally abused the Air India crew on-board a London-Mumbai flight after she was allegedly refused more wine.

"I am a f**king worldwide lawyer". "Rich Indian f**king money grabbing b**tard".

"Calm down, no touching", a crew member is heard saying. She also spat at the flight's pilot.

"At approximately 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, 10 November, a 50-year-old woman was arrested after an Air India flight had landed at Heathrow Airport", a police spokesperson told MailOnline.

Airline crew on long haul flights have a tough job as it is, but abusive passengers can make an already stressful time much worse for all on board, as was the case in a freakish, alcohol-fuelled rant caught on camera last week.

A 50-year-old woman refused a bottle of wine on board a plane launched into a racist tirade against staff and claimed she was an "international criminal lawyer" who would take them to court. The video was also shared by news agency ANI. I work for all you f-king people ...

She said, "I'm working for all your people. But you can't give me a (expletives) glass of wine, is that correct".

At some point during this video (warning: the video contains strong language), she walks up close to one of the crew members.

In a separate incident in March 2017, Ravindra Gaikwad of the Shiv Sena was banned from flying by six airlines after he assaulted a senior Air India official with his slippers.

When the woman demanded another bottle, the crew declined. "I'll turn you inside f**king out. You f**king stupid c**t", she yelled. "The f-king Rohingyas, the f-king people of all Asia, for you, an worldwide criminal lawyer". She is believed to be Irish, although seems to speak with a London accent.

"All you have to do is give me a f**king drink but couldn't do that could you?" the woman continued her rant.

Previously too, Air India has been faced with situations wherein the airline had to apologise for the inconvenience caused to other passengers because of one unruly passenger. We await a reply.

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