Published: Thu, November 15, 2018

Stan Lee had already shot his Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 cameos

Stan Lee had already shot his Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 cameos

Here's a video supercut of Stan Lee's many cameos.

In the video posted on his official Twitter handle on Wednesday, the creator of superhero characters like Iron Man and Thor revealed his huge love for the numerous fans around the world.

"It's an equal love-fest".

In the 90-second video, Mr Lee speaks his hearts out, and says, "I can not tell you how much I love my fans. And that's the reason I care so much about the fans-because they just, they make me feel so great". "We know how much Stan meant to you, and we thought it would be nice for you to hear how much your support meant to him". That's the thing about the Marvel characters: unlike DC - and obviously, I love Batman and the DC characters - the Marvel heroes are all inherently flawed and emotional.

"I would love to think somewhere my obituary is in a file", Lee said. There was a mutual respect and appreciation between the two, and it's nice to see that even at 95, Lee wasn't exhausted of fans expressing their love and appreciation for him.

"Stan Lee was also a person who stood for positive values. Stan Lee had a big emotional impact on my life, which is a insane thing to say about a person I never even met and didn't know personally". Those who have been lucky enough to bring his characters to life on the big screen share the same respect and admiration.

The colorful design features images of Lee, as well as nods to some of his iconic characters, and a message across the forefoot straps that reads, "Rest In Super Powers". You'll be missed, but your work will continue to inspire fans for generations to come.

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