Published: Thu, November 15, 2018
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West Virginia police 'apprehend' raccoon 'drunk' on fermented crab apples

West Virginia police 'apprehend' raccoon 'drunk' on fermented crab apples

Despite the police department's near-certain explanation for the raccoons' behavior, some animals exhibiting similar symptoms could be sick.

"Ptl Scarberry made his first apprehension today, taking this masked bandit into custody with assistance of Sgt Collins and several neighbourhood residents", the Milton Police Department wrote in a Facebook post on Monday.

Officers said they had received a pair of calls about potentially rabid raccoons in the town of Milton. The same thing you do with a drunk human: stick 'em in a jail cell until they sober up.

While it may sound unusual, it is possible for animals to get "drunk" off of fermented berries and other food items. Rather, it seems the creature just had too much to "drink".

At least two raccoons found themselves a little disoriented and were staggering around in a West Virginia town, according to a Facebook post from the Milton Police Department. Turns out, the birds were inebriated; reportedly intoxicated by berries that had fermented sooner than usual due to an early frost.

Both animals were released near a wooded area "unharmed", authorities said. The department noted that if you happen to stumble upon one of these drunk idiots, you should not approach them.

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