Published: Fri, November 16, 2018
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Withings Pulse HR marks a new step into fitness bands

Withings Pulse HR marks a new step into fitness bands

Withings has announced its new Pulse HR fitness tracker. The Withings Pulse HR has a 20 day battery life and can be charges in around 2 hours. "The band is the flawless fit for anyone who wants a device that offers important tracking features like heart rate monitoring at an affordable rate". You'll be able to track your heart rate zones over time, giving you a better idea how to plan your workouts and reach your fitness goals. However, users also have to option to manually select what type of workout they want to track. That heart rate feature also gives users a breakdown of their workout session, showing how their heart rate fluctuated from workout to workout. Withings says Pulse HR will ship in time for Christmas.

You get dedicated multisport tracking for activities that range from volleyball to yoga.

Since the Withings Pulse HR is primarily a fitness tracker, it is created to automatically track 10 activties. You can also track your activities with Global Positioning System if you don't mind taking your phone with you when you go out for a run. It has all the usual capabilities we'd expect out of a fitness tracker, as it tracks your heart rate, activity, and sleep cycles.

The Pulse HR comes equipped with OLED display that will normally surface data like your heart rate, step count, total calories burned, and notifications from your phone. Plus, it promises 20 days of battery life. It also functions as a sleep tracker, studying patterns and offering up analysis of your sleep behavior, like length and quality of sleep. The vibration motor is also used for notifications.

Pulse HR is available for pre-order now on and on for £119.95 and will be fully available on December 5. The app is free on Android and iOS and works with other systems like Apple Health and Google Fit.

Not much is said for the minimalistic monochrome display, but it does the job of basic information conveyance - more details and charts on fitness, health and sleep metrics can be seen on the complementary Health Mate app.

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