Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
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Looks Like a New Far Cry Will Be Announced Early Friday Morning

Looks Like a New Far Cry Will Be Announced Early Friday Morning

Ubisoft has released a teaser video for its next entry in the Far Cry series.

The teaser begins with a nuclear explosion over a track of farm land, echoing the ending of Far Cry 5 when the cult leader Joseph Seed was proven right after all.

Ubisoft revealed a new teaser trailer ahead of "The Game Awards 2018" centered around what appears to be a post-apocalyptic "Far Cry" game.

Tune into the Game Awards for the world premiere of the next Far Cry.

And then we get close-ups of a hand attaching a circular saw to a crossbow.

It starts out on a shot of a barn, which somewhat resembles the rural American setting of this year's Far Cry 5.

It's worth noting that none of the branding or wording in this trailer specifically mentions Far Cry 5. Because of this, it seems likely that whatever this new game is for will be an entirely separate experience rather than just DLC for FC5. We'll know plenty more when this next apparent spinoff is shown again at The Game Awards.

So yeah, a Far Cry spin-off or perhaps sequel seems to be on the horizon. If you take a closer look at the trailer, you may notice that in the first frame we see the dropping of a nuclear bomb just in the background, with a familiar-looking Montana-esque barn and a USA flag next to it.

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