Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
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New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailer Joins the Fight

New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailer Joins the Fight

With the release of Smash Ultimate coming up, Amazon Japan has made a decision to round up every Amiibo available for characters in the game and put them all in the one box. This product looks to collect most of the "Super Smash Bros." amiibo available to give players a jumpstart before the game debuts, if it is indeed releasing ahead of the game.

Missed out on the Super Smash Bros. wave of amiibo the first time it happened?

Once again, the announcer is back for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, featuring 63 figures to have nearly the entire roster of the game's characters. The set also comes with amiibo that are due out on December 7, which include Ridley, Inkling Girl and Wolf. Counting Pokémon Trainer as one character, there are 77 fighters included in the game.

Unfortunately, just because they're selling on that date doesn't mean they're shipping then too - given K. Rool and Piranha Plant are set for a February release, it may take a while. The data from these amiibo can be transferred over to Smash Bros Ultimate. We recently had a chance to try out the game's single-player World of Light mode, and we came away impressed.

Gabe Gurwin is a freelance writer for IGN who wishes Gabriel Belmont were in Super Smash Bros.

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