Published: Thu, December 06, 2018

Tom Cruise Wants You To Fix Your TV Settings

Tom Cruise Wants You To Fix Your TV Settings

Cruise's video was inspired by the Mission: Impossible - Fallout home release (it became available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray Tuesday). Cruise and McQuarrie are here to help. But Tom Cruise in his fighter pilot duds, along with his Mission: Impossible - Fallout director and Top Gun: Maverick co-writer Christopher McQuarrie, have an important message for you about the worst setting on your TV and how to turn it off - a message which they filmed on the new Top Gun set.

Still, one might argue that because sports look just fine without it, and the setting has the effect of making most movies and TV shows look like they were shot on your iPhone, it should be kept off - at least as a default. Christopher McQuarrie explains it like this in the PSA.

The "soap opera effect", AKA video interpolation or motion smoothing, is a default setting on most HDTVs that adds additional frames between the existing ones to sharpen the images on TV.

McQuarrie acknowledged that many people notice something "strange" about the film they're watching with the feature enabled but few can identify the issue without a side-by-side comparison. "Then I see the best television money can buy with a feature that inadvertently makes even the biggest budget productions look like they were shot for the lowest possible budget".

Your TV's motion smoothing setting is probably buried somewhere in its video menu. This will hopefully give viewers more control over how and when to use the feature. But there is a way to fix this.

Further complicating the matter is the fact that different brands have different names for what amounts to motion smoothing or motion interpolation.

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