Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
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End of the Road for Adonis Stevenson?

End of the Road for Adonis Stevenson?

We will remind, on the night of Sunday, 2 December, took place the battle of Alexander Carnation against Adonis Stevenson for the title of world champion in the light heavyweight division by the WBC. "In the circumstances, his condition is stable but it is critical", he said.

His doctor at the Quebec University Hospital said the boxer had undergone surgery soon after being admitted.

"His condition requires mechanical respiratory assistance, deep sedation and specialized neurological monitoring", Turgeon said. "I urge the media to be very cautious about distributing medical information that does not come from an official medical source".

Earlier on Sunday, Michel tweeted his thanks on behalf of Stevenson's wife and family: "Thank you for your many messages of encouragement and support".

"Relatives want to be at his bedside and ask everyone to respect their privacy. As agreed with Mr. Stevenson's family, please note that no further comments will be made".

After the fight, Stevenson was hospitalized and placed in ICU, it was noted that he was put into an artificial coma due to a possible brain hemorrhage.

Stevenson, 41, boxing's oldest and longest-reigning champion, has had surgery and remains in intensive care, a statement from the hospital said.

The starting rounds were in the traditional "intelligence", and in the third round of Carnations sent Stevenson down with a strong blow to the head, but the referee (from Canada) for some reason it is not counted.

He lost consciousness in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

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