Published: Fri, December 07, 2018

Jennifer Aniston thanks therapy for shielding her against emotional scarring

Jennifer Aniston thanks therapy for shielding her against emotional scarring

On work front Jennifer drew inspiration from her estranged mother Nancy Dow to play superficial ex-beauty queen Rosie Dickson in teen pageant dramedy Dumplin, which will be aired soon. But Lucy has died, and Willowdean's hostility toward her mother only grows when the latest edition of the pageant the latter presides over, Clover County Miss Teen Blueebonnet, rolls around, with all the Texas-sized drama that entails.

Jennifer even made Courteney her Maid of Honour at her 2015 wedding to ex-husband Justin Theroux, while the Cougar Town star is also thought to be returning the favour when she marries fiance and Snow Patrol star Johnny McDaid.

Dolly Parton recently appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Finally, she made a choice saying she'd go on a cruise with Ross and have sex with Chandler, prompting Aniston to make a amusing face. Unbeknownst to her it was at a mansion full of people dressed up and with Dolly in attendance. "And then I laughed my (butt) off. The producers were there and they were like, 'Dolly is here, did we not tell you that?'" The way she stops to breathe after a sweet interaction with her crush, the way she watches the Dolly queens with tears in her eyes, and the way she bottles up the unspoken judgement from her mother are all on display in a way that is tender and heart-wrenching and ultimately triumphant.

"(I was so nervous) but I sang through it and then got my voice. "Just kind of go out on wicker chairs".

On reports that she had sought counselling after her break-up from Theroux, Aniston said: "I've been in therapy for years".

She adds: "Dolly is very cool".

The former Friends star shows off her vocal talents on the movie soundtrack, singing Push and Pull with her co-star Danielle Macdonald at Dolly's request.

Aniston and Parton also chatted about their friendship which developed while working on "Dumplin", and Aniston revealed that she was such a huge fan of the country music legend that she named her dog Dolly.

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