Published: Fri, December 07, 2018

NATO Vows To Stay In Afghanistan Despite 'High' Afghan Forces' Losses

NATO Vows To Stay In Afghanistan Despite 'High' Afghan Forces' Losses

Gen. Ghafoor again rejected allegations his country is allowing the Taliban to plan attacks inside Afghanistan.He said Pakistani security forces have eliminated all terrorist sanctuaries on their side and a military-led massive construction effort is now underway to fence off the almost 2,600 kilometer border with Afghanistan.

The Taliban are fighting to flush out US-led global forces and re-establish their regime in Afghanistan after their ouster in 2001.

"In the letter, the President recognises that Pakistan has the ability to deny the Taliban sanctuary on its territory", the spokesperson said.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is in Afghanistan to fight against global terrorism, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that he is happy that the United States agreed with his party's stance that there can not be a military solution to the Afghan war.

Talking about the Yemen crisis, the premier said that Pakistan also wants a peaceful resolution to the Yemen conflict and wants the peace process to be initiated for that goal. He said the USA and its allies need to keep helping the Afghans recruit and train forces to fight the Taliban's estimated 60,000 troops.

"Taking concrete steps that deny VEO safe havens in Pakistan, as well as VEO freedom of movement from Pakistan to Afghanistan, remains an important task that Pakistan needs to fulfil".

"The security situation in Afghanistan remains hard, we have seen a number of high profile attacks in the past month, but the Afghan forces stand firms so do we".

McKenzie said the US CENTCOM would continue to support the State Department as it works towards a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Afghanistan which includes ensuring that Islamabad's equities are acknowledged in any future agreement.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the increase in violence could be a sign that things are about to change.

The U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, insisted that the Afghans are doing more, running regional training centers and teaching their own special forces. "Bear in mind that about 40 percent of Afghanistan is now out of the government's hands". "I was glad that i met Zalmay Khalilzad", he said.

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani represents Afghanistan in the conference.

At his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, the incoming head of US Central Command Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie also said American forces must stay, lest the Afghan government succumb to the pressure of the Taliban - which is still going strong despite years of US involvement.

"Pakistan knows very clearly that their assistance will be required to reach an end state in Afghanistan".

The prime minister said U.S. special envoy on Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad during his recent visit to Islamabad had very productive meetings with him and the foreign minister on the subject.

"If we left precipitously right now I do not believe they would be able to successfully defend their country", he said, adding that "the operational military situation is largely stalemated".

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