Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
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Oregon Athletic Department Placed on Probation

Oregon Athletic Department Placed on Probation

A similar self-imposed penalty was placed on the women's program, who must reduce the number of countable coaches by one at regular practice for 10 hours from 2018-19.

OR received two years of probation after the NCAA found rules violations relating to the men's and women's basketball teams as well as the track and field program, the NCAA committee on infractions announced.

The decision states that Graves "failed to monitor and promote an atmosphere of compliance" in allowing an assistant strength and conditioning coach to participate in on-court activities, which the decision saying it came "at the head coach's request".

Any records in which the track and field student-athlete participated in while ineligible will be vacated and a self-imposed restriction on the the men's basketball program that mandates a reduction of the number of countable coaches by one at regular practice for five hours during the current season.

The director of basketball operations, Josh Jamieson, was also given a two year show-cause order, meaning any employer that hires Jamieson must require him to attend NCAA regional rules seminars. The NCAA has treated them appropriately I believe.

The NCAA's decision stems from the notice of allegations OR received a year ago about these Level II rule violations. The athletics department will also be fined $5,000 plus 1 percent of each of the men's and women's basketball budgets. But when the instructor attempted to do that, the online grading system wouldn't allow it.

The school said the faculty member changed the grade of the track athlete from failing to passing contingent on the athlete completing the work.

"When the university discovered the grade change, the instructor, who was not familiar with NCAA rules, told the university he would have made the same accommodation for any other student, regardless of student-athlete status", the NCAA release said. However, Oregon's senior vice provost for academic affairs ruled that while the grading policy was violated, the student-athlete didn't violate its academic misconduct policy.

In a statement, the school said it disagreed with some of the findings. The university removed the athlete from competition and reported the violation to the NCAA, which determined it was an impermissible academic benefit. OR compliance initially approved the practice, but the Pac-12 Conference contacted the Ducks and told them it might violate NCAA rules.

While Oregon acknowledged the rule violations surrounding the basketball teams, it said it doesn't think the coaches failed to promote an "atmosphere of compliance" and is also weighing an appeal in that matter.

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