Published: Fri, December 07, 2018

‘Stranger Things’ Retro Game Will Follow the Events of Season Three

‘Stranger Things’ Retro Game Will Follow the Events of Season Three

We were wondering what would become of the Stranger Things franchise in the game world after Telltale's proposed project based on the hit series ended up being cancelled following its closure.

A new trailer for Stranger Things 3: The Game was revealed tonight, set to debut sometime in 2019 alongside the third season of the series on Netflix. But we'll find out soon enough, fans.

As one of Netflix's most popular series, Stranger Things and its '80s vibes and creepy, supernatural tone are a ideal fit for games, with a new title in the works from the Duffer Brothers based on the upcoming third season. To whet everyone's appetite, the brothers shared a new trailer that reveals details for the next chapter of the show. It's a cooperative action game where Hopper kills everything he sees. A few locales that are teased include the abandoned and rat-infested Hawkins lab and the Starcourt Mall that appeared in this past summer's teaser trailer.

The forthcoming new season of Stranger Things will be accompanied by its own mobile game.

Developer Bonus XP partnered with Netflix to create this 16-bit title, following up their previous partnership that created Stranger Things: The Game.

Then, just keep waiting...

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