Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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Aston Martin unveils reversible EV conversion for heritage cars

Aston Martin unveils reversible EV conversion for heritage cars

Classic cars are not on their way out.

Aston Martin announced Wednesday that it has constructed a prototype for a reversible electric vehicle conversion, applicable to its historic models to preserve their drivability for future generations. The vehicle Prince Harry and Megan Markle used in their wedding a few months ago?

To develop the auto Aston Martin Lagonda used knowledge gained from the final phase development of the Rapid E electric vehicle. Indeed, the EV powertrain conversion can be reversed at any time if the owner wishes.

Created for a world where future legislation could restrict the use of classic cars, the concept has a "cassette" electric powertrain which uses some of the same technology as the upcoming Rapide E.

The new package, catchily named a "reversible electric cassette powertrain" by Aston Martin, is housed where the engine and gearbox would usually sit.

Power management is operated via a dedicated screen which discreetly blends into the interior and the fuel pump has been replaced by the charging socket.

"We are very aware of the environmental and social pressures that threaten to restrict the use of classic cars in the years to come", Andy Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda president and chief executive, was quoted in the company's news release.

"Our Second Century Plan not only encompasses our new and future models, but also protects our treasured heritage".

It's just a concept, but Aston is already talking about "production versions" of the EV cassette which will pinch bits and pieces from the company's Rapide E project.

Given the continuing popularity of classic cars and the growing restrictions on emissions, Aston Martin is convinced this makes sense. The program is expected to start in 2019 under the Heritage EV banner. But if, say, tomorrow we completely run out of crude oil and there is no gasoline left for anyone ever again, these classic Aston Martins will still be able to run.

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