Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Apple Explains iPad Pro Manufacturing Process In Response To Bent Units

Apple Explains iPad Pro Manufacturing Process In Response To Bent Units

Once a device is made, there is an allowance "for no more than 400 microns of deviation across the length of any side - less than the thickness of four sheets of paper" from ideal flatness.

For those that don't really care how their iPad is made - a constituency which, let's face it, encompasses almost everyone - the executive summary is that the new cellular iPad Pro uses co-moulding to inject plastic into "precisely milled channels in the aluminium enclosure where it bonds to micro-pores in the aluminium surface".

According to the page, the new iPad design and antenna lines may make "subtle deviations in flatness" more perceptible to the naked eye. After the plastic cools, the tablets are then machined to create a seamless integration between the aluminum and plastic.

Apple's support note also explains that plastic strips or "splits" in the sides of the iPad allow parts of the enclosure to act as LTE antennas.

The Verge reported Saturday that Apple launched a support page late Friday explaining the manufacturing process behind its newer iPad models and the slight bends that the company claims are basically a non-issue that won't affect functionality. Specifically, on cellular iPad Pro models, the plastic antenna bands on the sides of the new iPad Pro are bonded with metal, as described below.

Apple has published a new support page in a bid to end chatter about some 2018 iPad Pro devices having a slight bend after normal usage or out of the box. The company continued that the deviations were within specifications, and, more importantly, don't affect the device's functionality or strength.

And yet, Apple still leaves the door open for buyers who believe this is a problem, so anyone whose iPad Pro bent recently can reach out to the company for assistance. Nobody wants to spend big bucks on a fancy new tablet and have it arrive bent, so make sure to check it right when you buy it and, if you see a curve, send it back within Apple's 14-day return period. Should buyers be anxious?

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