Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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De Blasio says every resident in NYC will be guaranteed health care

De Blasio says every resident in NYC will be guaranteed health care

New York City Mayor New York City will spend $100 million to provide health care for undocumented immigrants and others who can not qualify for insurance, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday morning, seeking to insert a city policy into two contentious national debates.

"New York City will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident regardless of someone's ability to pay or immigration status, an unprecedented plan that will protect the more than half-a-million New Yorkers now using the ER as a primary provider", writes NBC New York.

In making the announcement on national television, Blasio appeared to be trying to heighten that contrast and thrust his efforts on behalf of undocumented New Yorkers into the national debate over immigration, hours before Mr. Trump was to go on television Tuesday night to make his case for a border wall. "We are going to guarantee health care for New Yorkers who need it". The program is available to anyone who does not have an affordable insurance option, de Blasio said.

"We're already paying an exorbitant amount to provide health care in the wrong way - and to wait until people are really sick", de Blasio said.

'We have now, in New York City, a public health insurance option we're ready to make much bigger that can reach the hundreds of thousands that are right now not in any kind of health insurance'.

Health-care coverage has become a deeply partisan issue in the United States, with Trump's Republican party pushing to repeal the 2010 Obamacare law while the liberal wing of the Democratic party has taken up calls to adopt a federally funded single-payer system that would cover all Americans.

When asked why New Yorkers should pay for the health care of undocumented immigrants or young invincibles, De Blasio said they already pay plenty when the community isn't healthy.

NYC Care will be launched in the Bronx later this year and expand to all New Yorkers in 2021. "And we're doing that here in this city". First we're getting you your health care. "For people who have the ability to pay, we'll be expecting that people pay what they can". Yes it should. Let me just make that clear at the outset. The emergency room is the worst way to get health care, it's the most expensive way to get health care, ' he said. We're going the opposite direction.

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