Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Millionaire finds out three sons aren’t his after shock diagnosis

Millionaire finds out three sons aren’t his after shock diagnosis

It was a heartbreaking moment for United Kingdom businessman, Richard Mason, when he discovered he has been infertile since birth due to suffering from cystic fibrosis and more shocking, not the father of the three boys he raised as his own since 1995, with his wife of 20 years, Kate. She also refused to have them christened.

The co-founder of price comparison site had been a doting father to the boys.

Their brother, 23, did not provide a sample for a test. Yesterday Mr Mason said the shock of discovering the truth left him contemplating suicide.

Expressing his feelings for the two sons, he said that although they are not my biological sons, I still feel that I am their father. It's not yet been confirmed whether this unnamed man is the paternal father or not.

Businessman Richard Mason was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2016. At the time he and second wife Emma were trying for a baby, but the doctor warned him the genetic condition meant he was infertile.

A millionaire has taken his ex-wife to court after discovering that the three sons he'd raised for more than 20 years were not his.

Ms Mason and her sons declined to comment.

Shortly after, according to the Mail on Sunday, she admitted to an affair with a work colleague at Barclays in the 1990s but insisted she had genuinely believed her husband was the boys' father.

As a result the horrified dad successfully launched a paternity fraud case to win back some of the $7 million he had paid her during their divorce, but as a result he's heartbreakingly lost contact with two of his kids, The Sun reports.

His ex-wife only confessed 10 years after they divorced and he had already been ordered to pay a huge divorce settlement to raise the children.

Mr Mason's family has been torn apart as his relationship with the boys has been destroyed by the revelation. One of the twins also refuses to talk.

Mr Mason has since found love with new wife Emma.

Yesterday at his home in Rhos-on-Sea, near Llandudno, he told of his anguish. She is my soulmate, and has got me through all this trauma'.

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