Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Primary care to receive £4.5bn investment under NHS long-term plan

Primary care to receive £4.5bn investment under NHS long-term plan

When even after the perils of war, infant mortality was almost 10 times now, when two-thirds of men smoked and life expectancy was just 66.

More recently, health secretary and, er, app minister Matt Hancock has been trotting out his "tech vision" for the NHS at every opportunity, while the PM has hitched various announcements to the AI bandwagon.

We all have an emotional connection to it, our own family story, and we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the people who make the NHS what it is, and work so hard, especially during the winter months when the pressures are greatest.

The long-term plan, which sets out how the Government will spend a £20.5bn funding boost for the NHS, has pledged an extra £4.5bn for primary and community care by 2023/24, however Pulse has learned that in order to recieve this money, practices in England will be mandated to join primary care networks of 30-50,000 patients from April.

One target that has been shifted is that secondary care providers in England will be digitised by 2024 - a year later than had been mooted previously, and much later than one former dream of a paperless NHS by 2018.

Despite record demand, performance was better this December than last.

Better prevention and detection of diseases, with a particular focus on cancer.

In the future, the NHS will do much more to support people to stay healthy, rather than just treat them when ill.

It will be supported by further investment in the platform, along with the creation of a new framework for digital suppliers to primary care, a review - which will take in the GP payment formula - of digital first practices to ensure they are safe and benefit the NHS, and a review of GP regulation and terms and conditions.

That means patients will have improved access to their Global Positioning System and greater flexibility about how they contact them.

Both the NHS long-term plan and the social care green paper have been beset by delays and were supposed to be published simultaneously, but the green paper is yet to be published.

Cover community services for those experiencing mental health problems.

However, there was little detail about GP recruitment in the long-term plan as a separate workforce plan is to be released later this year. But I want to see it happen evrywhere.

"It's about making sure that every stage in life, the NHS is delivering that world-class care".

Murray noted that the plan also fails to answer questions on workforce shortages facing the NHS and detail on hospital waiting time targets.

If she agrees to unwind some of the most contentious sections of the act, it would mean "the end of automatic tendering" in the health service, said a senior NHS source. Better support will also be offered to fathers or partners of women accessing specialist perinatal mental health services.

Other significant elements of the plan include: improving out-of-hospital care by supporting primary medical and community health services; also drawing on these to support older people through more personalised care; and an emphasis on improving maternity safety.

The NHS will tackle unacceptable health inequalities by targeting support towards the most vulnerable in areas of high deprivation.

Cancer charities gave the plans a cautious welcome.

A health service that can look to the future with confidence and hope.

"Too often, those with gambling addiction suffer in silence, which is why we will continue to work closely with the NHS to help make sure there are good links between the services we commission and those commissioned by the NHS". It is vital we have the right staff in the right places to provide care, and they need the right facilities to do so.

All in all, Mr Speaker, the NHS Long Term Plan has been drawn up by the NHS: by over 2,500 doctors, clinicians, staff, and patients.

Mrs May said that the ambitions set out in the plan, which several experts warned would be hard to achieve, was affordable in part because the United Kingdom would no longer be sending "vast annual sums" to Brussels after it leaves the European Union.

Up to 500,000 more lives will be saved in the next decade by improving treatment for major killers including cancer and heart-disease, the NHS will say as its long-term plan is revealed today.

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