Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Ring unveils Door View Cam, smart lighting system, and new Alarm sensors

Ring unveils Door View Cam, smart lighting system, and new Alarm sensors

Ring unveiled a total of 13 new and refreshed products Monday at CES, including several items that customers have been clamoring for.

Amazon-owned Ring today unveiled a slate of new products, including a front door camera, smart lighting options and refreshed versions of other products such as smoke detectors.

Ring isn't the first company to introduce a smart doorbell like this.

Ring Spotlight ($39.99) - Motion-activated, wire-free smart light that can be installed nearly anywhere around the home, including above a garage, shed or porch.

Ring Pathlight ($29.99) - Motion-activated smart light that is installed along walkways, driveways and other high-traffic areas.

Ring Steplight ($17.99) - Motion-activated hands-free safety light that can illuminate stairs, decks, and porches for brightened security where you need it most.

Rounding out the product list is a new series of lighting gear, including a $70 wall-mounted floodlight and a $30 path light. August's smart locks are going to work with Ring's system at some point in the future as well, letting you unlock the door through your Ring app. This will allow one Ring device to turn on all of your lights at night when motion is detected.

Along with these lighting devices, the company announced the new Ring Door View Cam.

The one key requirement, however, is that your door must have an existing peephole or door viewer.

In brief: Ring's new Door View Cam was designed for those living in apartments or rentals where drilling and hard-wiring a digital doorbell isn't permitted.

Because this is created to sit over door peepholes, the product is installed without drilling or permanent modifications.

Another benefit of the Ring Door View Cam over, say, a traditional video doorbell is placement. You can also speak with them through the door on your phone. If the battery runs down, you can still see through the Door View Cam with its glass viewer.

The Door View Cam will be officially available in the US later this year for $199, and Ring also plans to bring it to the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Sweeden, Denmark, and Finland as well.

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