Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Soldier: 76 Confirmed As Overwatch's Second LGBTQ+ Character

Soldier: 76 Confirmed As Overwatch's Second LGBTQ+ Character

"They're very happy. I'm happy for him". An exchange between Soldier: 76 and Ana about a man named Vincent suggests he and Soldier were once in love.

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed another one of its characters in the massively popular shooter, Overwatch, is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Naturally, this being the internet, some social media users have complained that this is in some way "pandering" on the part of Blizzard, and that games shouldn't force this, that or the other into their content. Sexuality, politics, relatable real-life matters, etc. Fast forward to today, and we've just gotten our second queer character through a new Overwatch short story.

New Overwatch story Bastet has revealed more about the origins of both Ana and Solider 76 - including his ex-lover Vincent.

Ana was unconvinced. In the early days, Jack talked about him often, floating a dream that the war would end quickly, and maybe he'd have a chance to return to a normal life.
Soldier 76 continues that he won't be able to give him a regular life due to his work and current status in life. You can read the short story Bastet in full via Blizzard. We both knew that I could never put anything above my duty.

Many players have celebrated Soldier: 76's news, but others think revealing him as LGBT almost three years after the game's release feels like an afterthought. "That's the sacrifice I made". Blizzard said players can watch participating streamers during the event's duration to earn unique sprays of Ana, the Bastet gear, and Soldier: 76.

Michael Chu, the lead writer of Overwatch, later confirmed on Twitter that Soldier 76, a super-soldier once known as Jack Thompson, identifies as gay.

As spotted by Polygon, Tracer: Reflections also included a panel in which Soldier: 76 gazed at a photo of himself with his arm around a dark-haired man. But here's some positive reaction to the reveal, which follows the Overwatch holiday comic of 2016's confirmation that the game's cover star, Tracer, is a lesbian.

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