Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Teacher seen dragging autistic student no longer works at school

Teacher seen dragging autistic student no longer works at school

Teachers rarely had issues at the boy's previous schools, Nelson said.

A Kentucky teacher has been fired and charged with assault after being seen on video dragging a 9-year-old boy, whose mother says has autism, down a hall by his wrists, PEOPLE confirms. Abrams is set to appear in court Wednesday.

Nelson and her family had just moved into the district in October, WSAZ reported. Specifics of what that means were unclear.

"We as parents trust teachers and school staff on a daily basis to help teach and help our children succeed", Nelson said.

The boy's stepfather Calep Nelson says he and his wife told her about the boy's condition when they enrolled him, and she told them she had years of experience and not to worry.

Police Trooper David Boarman tells the Lexington Herald-Leader that Greenup County teacher Trina Abrams was the one seen dragging the 9-year-old boy by his wrists in the October video.

Angel Nelson told ABC News that Alan had been diagnosed with autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD, and Abrams was his resource teacher. "In addition, his speech is also limited", Nelson wrote. An IEP is an individualized education program created for special education students. Nelson told CNN affiliate WSAZ that a doctor diagnosed her son with sprains in both wrists, as well as swelling and bruising in one wrist that worsened in the days following.

Angel Nelson added to the station that the video "broke my heart. and I saw all of his new friends and classmates along the wall watching him being dragged down the hallway". Nelson called the teacher's actions "violent enough" that it destroyed the child's shoes.

The school did not release Abrams name, but she was identified as the accused in court documents and Nelson's social media post.

"The fact that my son is not able to fully verbalize what he went through means that we must fight that much harder for all kids, but especially the kids who can not speak for themselves". A parent was contacted and the student was assessed by the school nurse.

"The Greenup County School District prioritizes the safety of our students".

Abrams did not immediately respond to a request for comment. "The teacher was removed from the school".

The stepfather says losing her job is not enough. The teachers aide no longer works for the district, although officials have not provided specifics.

The Kentucky Education Standards Board has been notified of the incident.

What else happened to the former teacher?

When you send your child to school you want them to be safe. But Heskins said that school staff don't always adhere to the state regulation.

'She claimed she was preventing him from harming himself but it doesn't line up with his actions from the video. "That commitment to protect kids is especially imperative when it comes to vulnerable children, who may not have the requisite skills to advocate for themselves".

"The district followed established safety protocol as soon as this situation became known", it said. "While we have to ensure that due processes are guaranteed, we also have to ensure that there are consequences to incidents like this". "On the other hand, we have to have processes in place that ensure accountability on the part of employees", Brooks said.

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