Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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CES 2019: Audi Demos In-Car VR Experience With Marvel ‘Avengers’ Game

CES 2019: Audi Demos In-Car VR Experience With Marvel ‘Avengers’ Game

However, in the present day, the technology is more limited in its functionality, with Audi partnering with Disney Games and Interactive Experiences to a develop a VR game, Marvel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run.

But when will this virtual system become an actual reality? When the e-tron electric SUV demo vehicle brakes and moves around, the digital spaceship mimics its movements as it flies through an asteroid field. Those in-car activities for passengers may include VR or augmented reality (AR) experiences such as video games, guided tours through historical cities or other educational content that's tied to the car's movements and surroundings. What's unique about the experience is that every movement of the vehicle is replicated in real time, so if the auto speeds up so does the ship, if the vehicle takes a left-hand bend the ship will fly around an obstacle accordingly. The company plans to offer it as an open platform available to all carmakers and content developers.

If the e-tron turns around a tight corner, the player will correspondingly curve around an opposing spaceship, while real-world acceleration results in increased momentum in the game.

"The idea is to give people something interesting to do when they're riding as a passenger in a vehicle", says Audi head of digital business Nils Wollny.

Audi has co-founded a company called holoride with the sole focus being to provide immersive in-car entertainment.

From arcade games, underwater adventures and space exploration to educational trips through historical cities or the human bloodstream, there are nearly no limits to what is possible. holoride will provide a software development kit that serves as the interface to the vehicle data and transfers those into virtual realities, allowing developers to create worlds that can be experienced in-car with all of the senses. For example, stopping at traffic lights could introduce unexpected obstacles in a game or interrupt a learning program with a quiz. Holoride is creating a software development kit (SDK) for the tech and will launch the entertainment system within the next three years to work with VR headsets, per the announcement.

"Audi, Marvel and Disney Games and Interactive Experiences are celebrating Marvel Studios' 10th anniversary with an Avengers experience that combines world class content and innovative technology", said Mike Goslin, vice president, Disney Games and Interactive Experiences. The two have been in cahoots for some time now, all the way back to when the R8 appeared in 2008's Iron Man.

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