Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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Lenovo’s Smart Clock is the Google Assistant’s answer to the Echo Spot

Lenovo’s Smart Clock is the Google Assistant’s answer to the Echo Spot

Overnight at CES 2019 Google and Lenovo pulled a surprise rabbit out of their hat, if the rabbit was a new Google Assistant device category, Smart Clocks.

It took a couple of years, but we finally have the flawless application of Google Assistant-an alarm clock. It's finished in a soft-touch grey material cladding that looks a lot like the Google Home Hub's finish - making it look like part of that family, in a sense.

Amazon unveiled the clock-sized Echo Spot previous year, as a smaller alternative to the Echo Show. It's not simply a shrunken version of Lenovo's own Smart Display, since it's not as obtrusive and really emphasizes the alarm clock experience.

Rather than being trying to bombard users with more information on-screen, the Lenovo Smart Clock is more reactive and discrete.

The back has a power port, microphone mute switch, and a USB-A port for charging your phone. And, of course, you can set multiple alarms each morning 1-minute apart like I do, so you can constantly snooze one after the other until you're late for work.

With the smartphone's rise, it pretty much killed off the bedroom alarm clock - one of many gadget casualties that occurred when more and more features were integrated into today's modern smartphones. So don't expect to watch movies from this little device.

Since the Smart Clock uses Google Assistant, you'll be able to control all of your Assistant-compatible smart home devices, so you can do things like check in on your connected cameras and lock your doors at night.

The Smart Clock's interface is a low-key affair. There are physical controls to adjust the volume if you don't want to bark instructions at Google Assistant using your voice. You can use the touchscreen or your voice to call up any of the screens, and set alarms. The unit is wrapped in a Google Home-like gray fabric, and functions as a Google Assistant speaker.

Yes, it will show you the weather.

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