Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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The Adorably Cute 'Yoshi's Crafted World' Finally Cops A Release Date

The Adorably Cute 'Yoshi's Crafted World' Finally Cops A Release Date

If you're a fan of Yoshi and Kirby you are going to love the month of March.

Amid all of the chaos that is CES 2019, Nintendo has announced release dates for two upcoming games, Yoshi's Crafted World and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.

The former, as revealed previous year, is an entirely new game for the Nintendo Switch, while the latter is a remake of Kirby's Epic Yarn, which launch on Wii way back in 2010.

In Yoshi's Crafted World, players control Yoshi (surprise!) as they venture through a world made out of household items. In a unique twist, you can play the stages backward, which not only gives the player a new perspective to explore, but unlocks a secret challenge to find Poochy-Pups that are hiding throughout the course. This being a Nintendo Switch title, you can play the game as a two-player co-op.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, on the other hand, is an enhanced 3DS version of the 2010 Wii game Kirby's Epic Yarn. The 3DS version has new mini-games with characters King Dedede and Meta Knight making appearances, and even has new power-up Ravel Abilities for Kirby.

In addition, there are new "Ravel Abilities", which include things like a giant yarn ball used to attack enemies, a wire sword that can cut through enemies, and the "Nylon" ability that allows Kirby to generate wind for greater jumps - meaning that these appear to be variations on classic Kirby Copy Abilities. Based on the Wii game of the same name, this handheld version features all sorts of stringy fun, as well as full Amiibo functionality with Kirby-based Amiibos.

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