Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
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Q System One - The Newest IBM Quantum Computer Unveiled

Q System One - The Newest IBM Quantum Computer Unveiled

The exterior of the Q System One made entirely in glass was developed by Goppion, a famous company based in Milan, known for their incredible room design of the Mona Lisa expo from The Louvre. It is called IBM Q System One and is now not for sale, but will allow customers to use it on the Internet to perform quantum calculations. It enables universal approximate superconducting quantum computers to operate beyond the confines of a research lab. Quantum computing can potentially provide us with capabilities to simulate nature and chemistry that we've never had before. Although the system was officially launched at CES on Tuesday, echoing the launch of the IBM PC, the Q System One is more like an early mainframe computer.

9 that it has made a significant step forward in its quantum computing initiative with the development of the Q System One, a highly integrated, modular system the includes IBM-developed hardware, firmware and electronics that the company says is designed for both scientific and commercial use.

The organisations believe quantum computing could provide ExxonMobil with an ability to solve computationally challenging problems, including how to optimise national power grids, perform more predictive environmental modelling and discover new materials for more efficient carbon capture. It tapped the expertise of United Kingdom industrial and interior design studios Map Project Office and Universal Design Studio, and Goppion, a Milan-based manufacturer of high-end museum display cases that protect some of the world's most precious art including the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, and the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London.

IBM Q System One contains a fourth generation of 20 qubits.

IBM today has announced its first quantum computer for the commercial use especially for the goal to be used as outside the lab.

IBM also announced that it will open a new IBM Q Quantum Computation Center later in 2019. The complexity of quantum computing may soon become too complicated for classical computers to handle.

The package is called as the IBM Q system and it is basically a huge set up which includes nearly everything which a company could ever want from a quantum computer and its working and all the necessary tools for quantum computing are there.

All this is enclosed in an airtight case made of half-inch borosilicate glass that is nine feet tall and nine feet wide and created to protect the qubits from external forces.

"The free and publicly available IBM Q Experience has been continuously operating since May of 2016 and now boasts more than 100,000 users, who have run more than 6.7 million experiments and published more than 130 third-party research papers", according to IBM.

Obviously, the Q isn't the most powerful quantum computer out there.

A series of independent aluminium and steel frames decouple the system's cryostat, control electronics and exterior casing, helping to isolate the system components for improved performance.

Other companies also are in the quantum computing race.

ExxonMobil, CERN, Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory join the IBM Q Network.

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