Published: Sun, January 13, 2019

Art is risky in the Velvet Buzzsaw Trailer

Art is risky in the Velvet Buzzsaw Trailer

According to Gilroy, "It's set in the world of contemporary art in Los Angeles, and its got a Robert Altman-like large ensemble cast". But before long, the paintings themselves seem to be at the centre of brutal murders that have a supernatural bent, leading Gyllenhaal's character to believe they're cursed.

Toni Collette will also appear in the film after earning tremendous praise for her role as an unforgettable matriarchal scream queen in last year's Hereditary.

Gyllenhaal plays an eccentric art critic named Morf Vandewalt, who is slowly driven insane when he discovers that paintings he has found locked up in an apartment owned by a dead insane genius are actually haunted by some kind of malevolent presence. It's the story of greed, artistry and revenge, with an aim to leave you wondering where you draw the line when it comes to exhibiting modern art.

Netflix has debuted the first trailer for Dan Gilroy's forthcoming original movie Velvet Buzzsaw, which comes to the streamer next month.

Zawe Ashton and Jake Gyllenhaal in Velvet Buzzsaw.

It's the flawless back story for a critic and his art dealer associates whose only interests are to make a buckload of money.

The trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's new film "Velvet Buzzsaw" dropped on Thursday and it is definitely weird.

If you've never seen it, we fully recommend you check it out (it is available on Netflix right now), but we're even more excited for their follow up project, the fantastically titled Velvet Buzzsaw (a movie we mentioned in our 9 most anticipated 2019 Netflix exclusives).

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