Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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Meet Wooby, Fallout 76’s only human NPC

Meet Wooby, Fallout 76’s only human NPC

It turns out Fallout 76 also has such a test room, too, and despite there being no console for players to be able to access it, some clever gamers have managed to find their way in anyway, and made a few surprising discoveries as a result, according to Eurogamer.

What do you think of the hacked Fallout 76 Developer room?

Most Bethesda games are so expansive, they are accompanied with a developer room in order for employees to test items before they make their way to the general public.

A new developer room has been discovered in Fallout 76 and in it, hackers have discovered the special dev space holds a number of interesting unreleased features inside including a human NPC and top tier weapons and armor.

To find out more about what's been going on, I got in contact with some of the people who have visited the secret area - who wish to remain anonymous - and asked them about the process.

As a testing area, the room houses every single item in the game, both released and unreleased, and surprisingly houses a human NPC named Wooby. It appears someone has even begun selling some of the skins (the Atom Cat, Military, and Winterized Power Armor colorings) on eBay. Players suspect these are due to be officially released in the upcoming PvP factions update.

Prior to the public unveiling of the developer room, some players had crafted an entire black market of Legendary items by abusing a duplication bug. Players are reportedly being informed of the bans via email, and take anywhere from six to 24 hours to be issued.

It's likely Bethesda is looking for a way to prevent players from entering the room, and the reported suspensions are a stop-gap measure.

Those immediate lockdowns are perhaps understandable, given that it appears many have using this room along with item duping glitches to do some nefarious business. One of the biggest complains about the latest in the Fallout series, though it is - again - a spin-off, is that there are no human NPCs walking around. Like its predecessors, it is filled with every item in the game, with "All Scrap" in one crate and "All Misc. Items" in another, etc.

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