Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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Samsung unveils massive 219 inch TV called ‘The Wall’

Samsung unveils massive 219 inch TV called ‘The Wall’

But nothing towered so tall over the expo as the TVs - sometimes literally, given the incredible size of the some of the displays manufacturers like LG, Samsung, and Sony were showing off to the crowds.

Here are the biggest, most advanced, and most notable TVs on display at CES.

A TV that can disappear when not in use and thus free up space in your home sounds fascinating, right?

CES is a big TV show. Until then, you can check out our first impressions in our LG Signature Series OLED R review. The TV can also transform itself into three different viewing options.

You can get this massive 219-inch TV in your own living room, and it's appropriately named "The Wall".

"The Wall" uses micro-LED technology for a brighter picture than current TV's. However, there is no word if and when the TV will go on sale. Who really needs an 8K TV? The TV also supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

Whether you're a die-hard follower of the National Basketball Association, or you're locked into the National Football League year after year, chances are high you spend way too much time in front of your television.

The good news is that when they are released, the prices of 4K televisions will come down. Not a big show on TV, but it's a big show for TVs, especially big TVs. The Q900 will be equipped with a Quantum processor 8K chipset. The previous one was also Samsung's own 85-inch model launched a year ago.

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